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Who are we ?

My name is Anaïs Gonzalez, I have been passionate about animals since I am a little girl. I have been a Pet Sitter since 2014, I started during my school years as a student job. Thanks to my studies, I had the chance to travel and live for a semester in China where there too I became a Pet Sitter and took care of two little kittens and a dog.

This experience increased my love for animals and confirmed to me how much I love taking care of them and helping people, and that I needed to become a professional Pet Sitter.

After going to China, I went to Liverpool in England where I also became a Pet Sitter, unfortunately because of Brexit I had to come back to France.

These experiences abroad have allowed me to adapt to different cultures when it comes to the care of animals, which now allows me to get used to it whatever the situation and nationality of the owner.

Wherever I took care of animals I considered myself their auntie, “Tata” in French, their Tata’Naïs to play on words with my first name, that’s how the name “Tata’Naïs” was born very naturally.

I always had the idea of ​​becoming a professional Pet Sitter running through my head and I found a job as a Pet Care Provider in Luxembourg, where I took care of animals in different ways: group dog walks, Pet Sitting, Pet taxi and more. Unfortunately, because of the sanitary crisis, the company had to let me go.

And this is where it all started! I said to myself “nothing ventured, nothing gained!” “, It’s a dream, it’s a passion dear to my heart, I won’t give up! I am starting my own business!!

So, I did the training to obtain the “ACACED”, (Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species), mandatory in France to practice in the animal field, which I obtained in November 2020. I then obtained in December 2020 a certificate of awareness of canine and feline first aid.

To enrich my knowledge and especially out of passion, I obtained a dog trainer certificate in adaptive education in September 2021, with the Hervé Pupier’s training center in Sainte-Maure-de-Peyriac in the Lot-et- Garonne.

Why did I choose adaptive education? because each dog is unique and needs an education adapted to their behavior, their past, their breed and much more, which allows to offer a 100% personalized education and always by respecting the dog’s well-being.

Whatever animal I care for, I always make sure to give them the love they deserve and to respect their well-being. I want them to be happy, loved, to live their life to the fullest, to be fulfilled and happy.

And now, let’s the Tata’Naïs adventure begin!



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