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Group dog walks

Just like us humans, it is particularly important for dogs to socialize. For their physical and mental balance, they must meet new fellow creatures, play with them, walk with them, well: make real friends for life!

It is also extremely important that our four-legged friends go for a walk for a minimum of 1 hour, at least once a day. The main causes of behavioral disorders in dogs (destruction, anxiety, poor cleanliness, stress, disobedience etc.) are very often linked to the lack of walks outside their home. Indeed, not letting off steam enough, their balance is disturbed, the dogs get bored and become “crazy”, which pushes them to do several silly things (remember the confinement! we too were going crazy being locked up all day long!).

The walks are also especially important for the dogs to discover new smells. Smell is the most developed sense in dogs it is therefore essential to stimulate it to the maximum to have a perfectly healthy balanced, and above all happy dog! Even if your dog is lucky enough to have a big, very big garden, (no matter its size) that is not enough. Once your dog has already been around it, they know it by heart! And all the smells your garden contains by heart as well, and so the dog is “locked in” again! hence the importance of walks outside in new environments.

So of course, this is all particularly good to know, but you work all day long or you are just not available, and the question is: how do I get my dog ​​to benefit from it all?

At “Tata’Naïs” your dog is lucky to have at his or her disposal a service that combines everything that has just been listed above!

We offer 1-hour walks in forests, fields, trails … everything except in the city so that your dog can be in total freedom and fully live their dog’s life (under our extreme vigilance of course!) all year long, all 4 seasons and no matter the weather.

These walks are organized in groups of 6 dogs maximum for safety reasons, 3 times a day from Monday to Friday (morning, noon, and afternoon) so that you can choose the one (or ones) that suits your dog (and you) the most, every day!

For a maximal freedom, the dogs will be walked off leash (only with your approval). For safety reasons each dog will be equipped with a GPS tracker with no distance limit and with optimal network coverage even in the most remote places, connected to a mobile application, so that they are all 100% tracked in real time during the walk.

This GPS tracker is essential in case they run away and specially for your reassurance. For dogs that cannot be without a leash, they will be equipped with either a leash or a lanyard provided by us (we do not take owners’ leashes to avoid soiling, breaking, or losing them), but they will also have their GPS tracker.

For the walks process we take care of everything!

We block 3 time slots of 2 hours: morning, noon, afternoon, and you can choose which one(s) are best for you.

Why 2 hours? Because 1 hour is entirely dedicated to the walk, and 1 hour includes the transportation and the “annexes”: we pick up your dog at your home with our utility vehicle 100% equipped and secure for animal’s transportation. We bring your dog back after the walk. They will also be cleaned and dried if necessary (because at “Chez Tata’Naïs”, there will be no limits to canine freedom! Rolls in the mud, jumps in puddles etc.). We will give them fresh water, will also give their meals if necessary, upon your request, we will also administer their medication if necessary, at your request as well.

Conditions for walks: your dog must be at least 7 months old, socialized and must appreciate the presence of other dogs, they must ideally be spayed or sterilized, and have all their vaccines up to date.

Each walk will be posted on our social media pages by tons of photos and videos so that you won’t miss a thing! (with your approval).

Our little cuties give us so much love every day unconditionally, so let’s give it back by offering them at least 1 hour daily, entirely devoted to them and their well-being!

 And don’t forget, at “Tata’Naïs”, every cutie is happy!

Pet Sitting

You don’t want your pet to be alone during the day? You are planning a weekend away? vacations? Or celebrating a public holiday?

No worries! At “Chez Tata’Naïs” we offer a minimum 30-minute pet sitting service for dogs, cats, and small animals, 2 to 3 times a day.

We come to your home for all your cuties needs. We take care of everything: daily meals, fresh water, litter cleaning, cage cleaning…, food and water bowl cleaning, hair brushing if necessary, medication if necessary, walks, playing, and of course we don’t forget the cuddles and the love!

But that’s not it! We also take care of your needs as well upon your request: mail pick up, taking out the trash, plant watering, home ventilation, …

This service is particularly suitable for pets for whom it is recommended to stay in the comfort of their home so as not to disturb and stress them (cats, small animals..). These animals don’t necessarily need socialization but still appreciate a presence to feel less alone at some time of the day, or to be taken care of while you are away.

Each visit will be posted on our social media pages by tons of photos and videos so that you won’t miss a thing! (with your approval).

And don’t forget, at “Chez Tata’Naïs”, every cutie is happy!

Pet Taxi

Tata’Naïs also offers a Pet Taxi service. If your fur ball needs a beauty makeover, must do a vaccine booster, or has to go on holidays at grandma and grandpa’s, no matter the situation we are here to help!

You are working, not available, or not able to drive your animal? No worries we take care of everything!

We come to pick up your cutie at the departure point to the desired destination, and we bring them back to the final place, upon your request.

The transportation will take place in our 100% secured, equipped and suitable vehicle for animal transportation.

During every step of the ride we will give you the follow up of the situation from the pickup to the drop off. 

If by any chance you are available and want to come with your cutie, we will be more than happy to give you a seat next to us in our vehicle.

Each ride will be posted on our social media pages by tons of photos and videos so that you won’t miss a thing! (with your approval).

And don’t forget, at “Tata’Naïs”, every cutie is happy!



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