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Who are we ?

My name is Anaïs Gonzalez, I have been passionate about animals since I am a little girl. I have been a Pet Sitter since 2014, I started during my school years as a student job. Thanks to my studies, I had the chance to travel and live for a semester in China where there too I became a Pet Sitter and took care of two little kittens and a dog.

This experience increased my love for animals and confirmed to me how much I love taking care of them and helping people, and that I needed to become a professional Pet Sitter.

After going to China, I went to Liverpool in England where I also became a Pet Sitter, unfortunately because of Brexit I had to come back to France.


Our services

Group dog walks:

Just like us humans, it is particularly important for dogs to socialize. For their physical and mental balance, they must meet new fellow creatures, play with them, walk with them, well: make real friends for life!

It is also extremely important that our four-legged friends to go for a walk for a minimum of 1 hour, at least once a day.

Pet Sitting:

You don’t want your pet to be alone during the day? You are planning a weekend away? vacations? Or celebrating a public holiday?

No worries! At “Chez Tata’Naïs” we offer a minimum 30-minute pet sitting service for dogs, cats, and small animals, 2 to 3 times a day.

Pet Taxi:

Chez Tata’Naïs also offers a Pet Taxi service. If your fur ball needs a beauty makeover, must do a vaccine booster, or has to go on holidays at grandma and grandpa’s, no matter the situation we are here to help!

You are working, not available, or not able to drive your animal? No worries we take care of everything!

Chez Tata’Naïs

Our prices

Group dog walks :


Our hourly prices (decreasing according to the frequency and the number of dogs)


Our packages

Pet Sitting :


Our prices per visit and per animal species


Our prices per visit and per different species in the same home


Our prices per visit on Christmas and New Year holidays


Our prices per night at  your home

Pet Taxi :


Our prices per ride (less than 65km)


Chez Tata’Naïs Services Animaliers, offers you care and transport solutions for your pets, 7 days a week, operates in Thionville and its surroundings.

Chez Tata’Naïs Services Animalier is an approved professional company with certificates of competence, insured in professional civil liability.

Chez Tata’Naïs




Who are we ?

Our services

Our prices



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